I ask that you consider the following as you determine who should serve you:

1) I’m strongly pro-life, no exceptions. That is how I will vote. To me, the real issue is this: it’s the job of government to protect all innocent human life. When government is allowed to violate that at any level … then all lives are in jeopardy, as government now exercises an assumed role of God.

2) I’m a member of the National Rifle Association and have been off and on for decades. It’s not about hunting, it’s about the last line of defense against tyranny. Anyone paying much attention today should understand that by now.

3) I believe in the sovereignty of the states. Never did our founders design a fed that can over-rule the states on any given issue outside its delegated authority found in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The federal government has assumed roles never given it. I also believe in the autonomy of the county system, and I reject over-interference by the legislature.

4.) I will also seek out the input of both Senator Mike Padden and Representative Matt Shea on issues such as state mandates from DOE, transportation, and criminal justice, just to name a few. After all, we represent the 4th District together.

5) I believe that if you’re a Republican, then you believe in the principle of limited government. That is the hallmark of all Republicans. No matter where we are on any other issue, that is the one tie that binds. Otherwise, to go on warring against the socialism of the Democrats is pointless.

6) I am committed, and will remain so, to run for this House seat in November.

It would be my greatest honor to serve you and all the citizens of Spokane County in the House of Representatives. I would greatly appreciate your support in the coming election. Then, I will go to work for you. I’ll do my best to make you proud of your choice.