I have lived in Spokane for 42 years. I grew up here, and attended school in the Central Valley School District. During that time, my family had the privilege to travel to both Australia and India (both for 1 ½ years) while my Dad worked for Kaiser Aluminum in management. I learned about other cultures, and travelled around the world. I graduated from Central Valley High School in 1976. I worked as a box boy at Rosauers, while in high school and after graduation. In addition, I worked for Spokane Presto-Log Plastics Division as an assembly line worker, and I drove a forklift for Totem Home Center.

I began attending classes at Washington State University in 1977. It was there that my life changed forever when in faith I gave my life to Jesus Christ my Savior. I got involved with a local church in Pullman, and started studying the Bible. I graduated in 1983 with a degree in History and Elementary Education.  After graduating I moved to San Jose, CA, and got a position teaching a 4th- 5th combination class of students in the Evergreen School District. I worked for that school district for 11 years teaching 4th, 5th, 6th grades and Kindergarten. I met my wife Heather in 1985, and married her in 1988. I always had a second job when I lived in San Jose, and worked as a waiter, a VW mechanic, a bicycle salesman, a bellman at the Marriott Hotel, and delivered and picked up furniture for the Union Gospel Mission.

We moved back to Spokane in 1994, with our daughter Anne, who was a year old at the time. The move was a result of finding out my Mom had terminal cancer. We wanted to be with her, and be available to help out with her care. The blessing was that she got to know our daughter through age two, and we got to be with her during that time. Mom passed away in October 1995.

I was a substitute teacher in 3 districts during that time, and finally got a teaching contract in the CV District teaching kindergarten in 1995. I have taught grades 1st and 2nd, but mostly kindergarten while in the employ of the Central Valley School District.

My son Brian was born in 1996, and by that time we had begun attending the church we still go to now: His Place Evangelical Free Church in Post Falls. I have played guitar on the worship team for most of that time, and really enjoy being able to serve in that capacity. In 1999, I received my Masters Degree in School Administration from Whitworth College (now University) with a 3.85 G.P.A. I have served as Principal Designee at two different schools in the CV District.

In 2007, a friend of mine invited me to help lead worship at Spokane County Juvenile Detention, and within 3 months I began to lead Bible studies, preach, and be a mentor to young men who were confined there. I am still involved there twice a month on Sundays, and divide my time between my church worship team and juvenile hall. The ministry there is sponsored by the Union Gospel Mission.

I joined the Spokane Valley Planning Commission 1 year ago, and have enjoyed studying local city policy and making recommendations to the City Council. I have not missed a meeting, and come prepared to serve diligently every time.

I have taught at the Central Valley Kindergarten Center on Barker and Mission for the last 6 years, where we serve 240 students. I teach 2 classes every day, and I love my job. I have the unique opportunity to develop and grow every child’s love for learning, academic skills, and desire to become a productive citizen.