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Greetings friends and neighbors,

I’m Bob McCaslin, Junior. You probably knew my father, the late Bob McCaslin, Sr., who served in the State Senate for 30 years. Dad asked me many times to consider running for the legislature in his place one day. I always said “No.” Like many, politics was his job, or anyone else’s, but not mine. Now, I understand that it’s every American’s job to be involved in some way.

But, I’m not just another Bob McCaslin. Yes, I’m like my Dad in some ways, and proud of it. My Dad was tough, but you’ll find that I am my own man. If Dad were here, he would say the same. And although we agreed on most issues, we had our differences. He was the man for his time… I want to be the man for today. I want to carry on his tradition in some ways, yet I see so much more needing to be done.

As a teacher, I’m a public servant who knows the importance of a thriving private sector. To me, a healthy and vibrant economy and good jobs are paramount, understanding that taxes for needed public services are then generated naturally. Therefore, this will always be my first priority as a representative of the people… to guard it zealously, and strive to let the free enterprise system do what our founders intended, unimpeded by runaway government.

Rest assured I will always scrutinize every piece of legislation that comes before me, always asking this question first – is this the job of government? I won’t get caught up in the debates of how much or how far. If I determine it’s not government’s job… it gets the red button. Nor, will I allow the state to lord over county government with the usual one size fits all mentality.

I’m not satisfied with the rhetoric of “holding the line on spending.”  We have far too much business and freedom-killing regulation as it is.  Our founders went to war over much, much less. The way to correct the problem is to cut down government by reducing taxes and spending. No matter what our individual pet issue, all will become less in their size and scope when we decide, once and for all, that we will stand together to pull back government into its stated purpose and boundaries.